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Welcome to the Longview Institute's Archived Website

The Longview Institute (2005-2009) was a progressive think tank founded by a group that had earlier helped create the Rockridge Institute—a project with very similar goals. Both Rockridge and Longview sought to articulate a critique of the policy ideas of the George W. Bush Administration and advance an alternative political agenda.

With the start of a new Obama Administration in 2009, Longview’s founders decided to pursue their intellectual and political work through other channels. We are, however, preserving the Institute’s web page as an archive since many of the pieces posted there are not available anywhere else.

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Latest Additions

Ruth Rosen: What Kind of Economic Stimulus Do American Women Want?

The test of Barack Obama's economic-recovery plan will be the degree to which women workers' interests and needs are put at its heart, says Ruth Rosen. [Read More]

Fred Block: After the Stimulus: Now What?

Fred Block argues that the future of the U.S. economy might actually rest on the seemingly obscure issue of how Federal budget accounting is done. He argues that we need a Federal capital budget to make possible the continuing expenditures needed for economic recovery. [Read More]

Carole Joffe: The Economic Crisis: A Generation of Reproductive Health "Horror Stories"

How the economic crisis will impact women's reproductive decisions. [Read More]

Fred Block: Innovating the Way to Economic Recovery

Block writes for the Breakthrough Institute blog that "We need not just stimulus, but 'stim-novation.'" [Read More]

Block and Keller Call for Stim-Novation in D.C.

In Washington, D.C. last week, Longview's Fred Block, writing with Matthew Keller, proposed that President Obama's economic recovery plan should place particular emphasis on strengthening the economy's capacity for innovation. They argue for "stim-novation"--policies that combine economic stimulus with prioritizing innovation. [Read More]

Carole Joffe: Averting Their Eyes from an Assault on Women’s Health

Joffe exposes the cruelty behind an Oklahoma law that mandates ultrasounds for women seeking abortions. [Read More]

Ruth Rosen: What about Josephine the waitress?

Ruth Rosen points out a troubling silence on women's issues in the presidential race. She calls on the candidates to "Woo us with things that really matter; don't insult us." [Read More]

Fred Block and Matthew Keller: Where Do Innovations Come From? Transformations in the U.S. National Innovation System, 1970-2006

In this report published by the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, Fred Block and Matthew Keller show how the nature of the U.S. innovation system has changed dramatically over the course of the last 40 years. The authors analyze a sample of innovations recognized by R&D Magazine as being among the top 100 innovations of the year over the last four decades. [Read More]

Book Review: Ruth Rosen on Charles Postel's The Populist Vision

Do the socially progressive ideals that jump-started 20th-century reform movements have lessons relevant to the concerns of 21st-century America? A new book makes a strong case that they do. [Read More]

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